Motion: Regarding Aggression in the Classroom

Motion: Regarding Aggression in the Classroom

On January 22, 2018, at the committee of the whole meeting, after hearing from several delegations and receiving a verbal report on Workplace Violence, I tabled the following motion which was carried:

That the Waterloo Region District School Board send a letter to the Minister of Education and to the Ontario Public School Board Association expressing our concerns for the increasing occurrences of student aggression in the classroom and to include a call for more funding for supports in the classroom, and to send a copy of this letter to the other school boards in Ontario.

Although this was just a first step in addressing this serious issue, I do feel that it was important to stand up as a Board and support ETFO in their call to action on violence in the schools. The data from the report provided at that meeting did clearly indicate that the occurrences have been increasing over time, and I recognize that these conditions have far reaching effects on both staff and student well-being, and that it  inhibits the abilities to both teach and learn.

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