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    Delegation Process Safe…..For Now

    Know Where I Stand On This Issue

    Big thanks to Peter Shawn Taylor for coming the board meeting on Monday evening and covering the story on the pending delegation procedure debate.

    I stood in the old boardroom in October 2012 and spoke to the trustees publicly about these proposed changes to the delegation procedure. I went then because I didn’t believe the proposed changes were in the best interests of parents. I went back again this past Monday evening  because my convictions on this matter have not wavered. I fail to see how making it harder for people to express their thoughts in this public forum is in the best interests of the students. (Unfortunately I did not speak on Monday evening because the existing trustees deferred consideration of the motion again.)

    I pointed out to trustees in my last delegation on this matter that the plan was (and is) extremely detrimental to stakeholders’ abilities to come forward and share timely information with them. The passing of this motion will hinder the ability of stakeholders to communicate with all trustees directly as a group. It will hinder the ability of trustees to know what stakeholders’ concerns are. It will also act to hinder the fostering of the community engagement that they so outwardly profess to be seeking.

    But if there is any silver lining in all of this, it is that the motion won’t be decided upon by the existing board. There will be at least 2 new elected trustees (due to vacated seats), and given the number of high quality candidates seeking election, it might well be several more. Let’s all hope that the newcomers will come with fresh ideas and vote to defeat this motion in no time flat!

    Without a single doubt, my vote would be against these changes.

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