Extended day programs ill-conceived

Extended day programs ill-conceived

January 25th, 2012|

Waterloo Region Record


The Waterloo Region District School Board is proclaiming to parents that it intends to run extended day programs in schools with approximately 10 students. This is their plan, despite the fact that they are only legislatively required to run programs if the class size is 20 or more.

The board intends to make a class size of 10 viable by having just one instructor on site. By law, they only require one adult for up to 15 children.

But we all must stop and reflect on just how safe these children will be with only one adult on site. For example, what will happen to the other children if one child simply needs assistance in the washroom? What will happen if some children need to be separated from others because of behavioural issues brought on by group dynamics? What will happen if a child becomes seriously injured or ill? Will that child go unaccompanied in the ambulance? Will all the other children observe the traumatic situation as it unfolds right before their eyes?

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