Public board eyeing custom daycare model

Public board eyeing custom daycare model

February 27th, 2012|

Waterloo Region Record

Private, non-profit daycare groups are cautiously optimistic about a public school board proposal that will allow them to continue providing before- and after-school daycare at schools.

A report by Waterloo Region District School Board staff, set to be introduced at a board meeting Monday night after the Times’ deadline, recommends the board embrace a customized community extended daycare model. This model will let third-party daycares already established in schools to continue offering care on-site alongside a board-run daycare program. Under the newly proposed model, daycares will still be able to offer care to four to seven year olds. Previously, the board planned to take over daycare at all school sites for this group, an age range that generates the most clients, thus the greatest revenue.

The sudden departure follows months of backlash from parents who say the board was taking away their rights to choose daycare operators and driving up the cost of daycare across the region.

Local non-profit daycare groups joined forces and formed an Early Learning Coalition, headed up by Cambridge YMCA chief executive officer John Haddock.

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