Public school board plans new ways to ignore parents

Public school board plans new ways to ignore parents

April 7th, 2012|

Remember the extended day debate?

Last fall both local school boards decided to give themselves a monopoly in before- and after-school care of children aged four to seven. It was a decision hatched without public consultation and driven by ideological design.

What followed was an inspiring demonstration of local democracy. Parents spontaneously mobilized themselves to fight the plan, which was a clear affront to their right to decide who looks after their children outside regular school hours.

A website sprang up. So did a petition. There were picket sessions in fair and foul weather. The Record was flooded with letters to the editor. And most importantly, parents appeared en masse at board meetings to let trustees know exactly how they felt.

It worked. Faced with a massive wave of public outrage, and after months of stonewalling and diversionary tactics, the public board finally relented and shelved its takeover plan in February. It was a moment worthy of Frank Capra.

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