Seamless day sparks debate

Seamless day sparks debate

November 23rd, 2011|

Waterloo Chronicle

Several parents appeared at the Waterloo District School Board meeting Monday night to reiterate their opposition to plans for the board to take over before and after school care.

The plan will see the board implement before and after school care for students aged four to seven, while third-party providers, such as the YMCA, will continue to manage younger and older age groups.

Parent concerns about the change included cost increases and lack of summer care.

“Forcing board run daycare into Ryerson school (Cambridge) will not fill a void of child care, it will create one,” said Ashley Ross.

She said the four to seven age group subsidizes care for younger children and if the board took over care it would increase daycare costs for toddlers, resulting in lower enrolment and possibly even closure.

But Mary Lou Mackie, executive superintendent of education, said the board had an obligation to offer care at all schools.

Currently only 28 out of 103 elementary schools had licensed child care and third-party providers offer service for only nine per cent of the junior and senior kindergarten population.

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