The seamless day

The seamless day

November 30th, 2011|

570 news

About 125 people, many of them concerned parents, attended a meeting at Lincoln Road Chapel organized by the Waterloo Region Early Learning Coalition (WRELC) last night.

They are upset about plans that would see both the local school boards launch a “seamless day”, in which children between 4 and 7 year old would have day care provided by the school board before and after class.

One trustee from each of the regions school boards was on hand, including Cathy Watson from the public board.

Watson told 570 News if you missed last nights meeting there is another one tonight, “parents are going to be coming forward and the whole day care coalition (WRELC) are presenting information on the (seamless day).”

Watson is the trustee who brought forward a motion to open up the discussion to a public consultation, but that motion has failed to get two other trustees to sign off on it.

Some of the concerns raised by parents include that the “seamless day” is not a “seamless year”, because day care services aren’t provided during the summer months and it doesn’t give parents a choice between third party and the board programs.

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