Volunteers could step in for extracurriculars during strikes

Volunteers could step in for extracurriculars during strikes

June 15th, 2016|

The region’s public school trustees will develop a policy to allow parent volunteers to assist with extracurricular activities to prevent disruptions caused by situations including labour disputes.

Mindful of the impact teachers’ strike action had on the elementary and secondary students last fall, the Waterloo Region District School Board voted unanimously Monday night (June 13) to craft a policy authorizing volunteers to step in to keep extracurricular clubs and school sports going, even during union work-to-rule campaigns.

Trustee Natalie Waddell, who spearheaded the move to allow volunteer participation, was elated her motion will finally come into play, especially after being delayed repeatedly for various reasons. She has long argued that extracurricular activities are vital to a student’s well-being.

“When I reflect back upon what had motivated me to become a trustee, I would say that this was one of those issues.

“Parents and students shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not their extracurricular activities can continue in the presence of labour unrest.”

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